Introducing Fairhaven

fairhavenMA-danaMorris-bannerBeyond the exquisite architecture, Fairhaven attracts travelers to its natural seaside beauty: beaches, bike paths, historic homes, plentiful parks, and much more.

While this little town of about 17,000 residents is steeped in American history, it balances the old world with contemporary amenities such as shops, restaurants, marinas, medical facilities, and even the worldwide headquarters of Titleist/Footjoy.

Just a short walk across the Acushnet River brings you to New Bedford—a diverse mecca for artists, musicians, fishermen, and anyone who wonders about the great whalers of yore.

We have so much to offer that you’ll only believe it when you see it!


Nestled in the historic center of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, our Unitarian Memorial Church conjures up images of 15th Century England, with its gothic spires, intricate carvings, and colored marble floors. A monument to Standard Oil tycoon Henry H. Rogers’ mother, the church is quite elaborate and not what you might expect to see in a Unitarian Universalist church. Yet, it stands as the crown jewel in a series of similarly constructed buildings given by Mr. Rogers to his beloved hometown.

Candlelight Service-tall

Our congregation is considered mid-sized, with a healthy and strong religious education program, a great attraction for families. We are a Welcoming Congregation and became a Green Sanctuary as well a few years ago. Social service has long been a central ministry of ours, and social action for justice is slowly growing in prominence.

Music is another notable part of our church. We have a strong music program with a wonderful choir and music director. Each of these characteristics continues to be important to us.

All in all, this is a warm, friendly congregation looking to grow and explore new ideas together.

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