Small Group Ministry

Small Group Ministry

The mission of the Small Group Ministry program is to provide a trusting and nurturing community in which our members can explore their spiritual beliefs, further their personal growth, serve the larger community, and establish and sustain deep connections among group members and our church community.

Small Group Ministry is a dynamic lay-led program that has been offered here in Fairhaven since the spring of 2003. You are invited to join this grass roots movement to get to know others and to get to know yourself!

  • Groups of 6 to 10 church members gather for 2 hours twice a month to share their stories and ideas, establish strong bonds of friendship and trust, and to deepen their spirituality.
  • Small groups explore the spiritual dimension of a variety of topics, ranging from religious concepts to daily habits, and anything in between!
  • Each meeting encourages the group members to think deeply about themselves and their spiritual journey. The groups are careful not to give advice, but to share their experiences, practice deep listening, and provide a safe place for members to explore new thoughts and ideas. Most group members discover that the personal exploration continues well beyond the 2-hour meeting time.

To Minister is to Give Help

As a member of Small Group Ministry, you will have the opportunity to minister to yourself, to the other members of your group, and to the larger community.

  • Each group chooses a service project, either within the church or in the larger community or both. The projects not only help others and our church, but they also serve to strengthen friendships and create fond memories.
  • Each group meeting always has one empty chair to signify the spirit of inclusiveness and welcome to the possibility of new members joining their group. Each new person who joins a group offers a new opportunity to learn, grow and forge new relationships. The groups are open to all possibilities.

How do I join a Small Group

If after reading this information page you have further questions, or if you would like to participate in Small Group Ministry, please contact the church office at .