The Information, Skills, and Interests survey

By , May 17, 2017

We would like to know you better!

Whether you are a new or longstanding member or simply a friend of UUSF, please take ten minutes to complete the survey found in the link below:

Please complete one form for each adult and youth in your family.

This survey, created over the past several weeks, is designed to allow us to:

  1. Collect in one place the best ways to contact you;
  2. Know your emergency contact information and any life-threatening allergies or other medical conditions that we should be aware of; and
  3. Learn what skills you possess, what areas of interest you’d like to be involved with, and what limits, if any, exist on your ability to be involved with the church.

The information you share in this survey will be closely held by our minister, church staff, and leadership team in order to protect your privacy. Information on your skills, interests, and any limits to your involvement will be shared with committee, event and activity chairpersons when relevant to their efforts.

“Love is the mission of this church, and service is its prayer.” Toward that end, we want to make sure that every member and friend has the opportunity to serve in some way. For some, that service will be extensive. For others, the opportunities to serve will be constrained by other life considerations. It is our hope, nonetheless, that all members and friends will find in this survey some area or areas where they are able to serve. But even if you are unable to commit to any service right now, please complete the survey anyway, as your contact, emergency, and interest information is still important to us.