Sunday Morning Service

General Information

  • Sanctuary has Assistive Listening Devices  
  • Our sanctuary and parish house are Handicap Accessible  
  • Hearing Devices and Large Print Hymnals are available in the Sanctuary from our ushers
  • Our Sunday Morning Service starts at 10:30 AM and runs until 11:45 a.m.
  • Services are all-ages.  We also offer nursery care in Harrop Center (the English Tudor manse on the Center St. side of the property) beginning before the service, and children ages pre-k through 8 may choose to move from the sanctuary to the SpiritPlay montessori faith formation classroom after the readings in the sanctuary (the children and teachers are sung out together approximately 30 minutes through worship.)  

  • Coffee Hour begins at 11:45 a.m., and features snacks, conversation, and of course, our fair trade certified coffee.  We believe it’s the best in town.  

A Description of Our Services

The best way to know who we are as a people is to visit our services, and we recommend attending UUSF for a six-week period to get a sense of the ebb and flow of life in this community.  Our minister, Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long, is available to answer questions from visitors during coffee hour, and can also be reached at  Our director of faith formation, Bethany Giammalvo, is another great point of contact; you can e-mail her at  

Our services generally include lots of music (both sung and instrumental), a prayer and meditation time, a space for community connection and sharing or silent candle-lighting, readings from texts related to our theme, a sermon, and an offering which we collect on behalf of a community charity.

Our children are always with us for part or all of the service, and we also hold special intergenerational Sundays including our Ingathering rituals (September 10th this year), our Christmas Pageant (December 24th, 2017), and our youth-led and Coming of Age services, which will be scheduled next spring.  

A special note for our new families, from Rev. Jordinn and Bethany: We find that our children have adapted quickly to the expectations of worship, and welcome their energy and joyful noise, as well as the surprising silence they have so far held during our 2-minute meditation time!!  We are as astonished as you are, but our children tend not to be the noisiest people in our worship services.  😉  

That said, we know that both parents and other adults in our community cherish the opportunity to relax and to hear in worship– and that is why the first three rows on the left side of the sanctuary are the “kids zone.”  You are welcome to sit there alongside your children, or they are invited to be our special guests alongside our faith formation staff and volunteers, while you find a quiet space a bit further back in which to deepen into the worship hour.  When kids can see, their experience of worship is an entirely different one, and we are delighted to help you, and them, feel like guests of honor in different ways.  Welcome to worship.  

We hold a coffee hour immediately after the service.  This is a great time to meet new people, connect around the theme of the worship service, and enjoy some social time.  

We enjoy meeting new visitors, and look forward to learning about you as well as answering any questions you have about our religion and our community.

See you on Sunday; we can’t wait to meet you!

-Rev Jordinn, for the UUSF community