Child Dedication and Blessing

General Information

Our Child Dedication and Blessing is a private ceremony for you and your family and friends.

It seeks to bind the child to his or her community by way of promises from the parents, God- (or Guardian) parents, older brother, sisters, grandparents, and the family and friends who will part of the child’s life.

This service is available to both members of our congregation and non-members as well.

If the number of attendees is less than 25, we can gather in a cozy group around the dedication font where there is a comfortable bench for elderly family members to sit down. Or, for larger groups, we can go into our magnificent Sanctuary.

Sanctuary view of the Baptistry

     View of the Baptistry

The God- (or Guardian) parents make the water “holy” by having a sense of their love for your child. We use the water and a rosebud without thorns to welcome, dedicate, and bless your child.

Using the words prepared by the minister, the parents, God- (or Guardian) parents, grandparents, and the community make promises. We adjust the language to be meaningful to you.

The service takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Although photographs are not allowed during the ceremony, a small video camera can be used. Afterwards, we will step through the ceremony elements so that regular photos can be taken.

How to Arrange for This Ceremony

First, speak to our Office Manager, Andrea Oliver, 508-992-7081, so you can be given the cost details. If you wish to go forward with the ceremony, you will be sent a building use form and the document with all the words of the ceremony.

Next, with a few suitable dates in mind, we invite you to call the officiating minister to arrange a mutually agreeable date and time when you can have the blessing and dedication for your child.

When we receive your building use form and checks in the mail with your choice of blessing words, your date and time will be confirmed. The minister will call you to arrange a short meeting with the parents (baby can come too) to answer all your questions before the ceremony so that we’ll all feel comfortable about it.

The Reception

Most families have a social gathering afterwards at their home, grandparents’ home, restaurant, or rented hall. If your party is large, you might like to consider a celebration in one of our two beautiful Parish Halls. The office manager, Andrea Oliver (508-992-7081) will give you the information for this.